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Wavey Dept LIMITED EDITION Curved Brush ( w rake Bundle )

Wavey Dept LIMITED EDITION Curved Brush ( w rake Bundle )

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Our newest addition to our wave brushes! In this bundle you will receive our Soft brush, & Medium Brush. High Quality Glossy Finish 360 Wave Curve Brush for both men & women, the curve and wide handle allow for easy gripping. The soft brush is made with 100% Soft Blonde Boar Bristles, great for laying frizz & tender headed individuals. The medium brush is made with 100% boar blonde bristles. If you look closely you can see the difference in the bristles. The brushes help stimulate your scalp & allow to easily distribute oils throughout your hair, & down to your hair shaft which promotes hair growth.

The medium bristles: are great for when you need great pull & your hair is beginning to get longer.

The soft bristles: are awesome for laying frizz & people who are tender headed, both brushes have a pointy tip awesome for the crown area.


• for people with straight hair these brushes do all the same benefits a plastic brush does, but instead of hurting your scalp it will benefit it how? they lay frizz & promote hair growth by stimulating your scalp.


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