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This is the ultimate wavers wash day starter kit $100 in value for $79.99 but remember use discount codes to save even more money.

*You will receive all the items in the photo. All item’s that say mystery you will receive 1 random color that is in stock of the item you see in the photo we may also have other colors & shampoo bars not shown in the photo that you can receive in the bundle. Also if you would like for us to pick a specific comb or brush color or even shampoo bar leave a note in the notes section of your order if the item requested is in stock we will happily add it, if it’s not we will try to add something similar to it or just add some other random item. 

Hint hint you save BIG MONEY when you grab this bundle over grabbing all these items separately save big now. 


  • 2x mystery hair & body bars
  • 1x mystery wavey dept teasing comb
  • 1x mystery wavey dept detangler brush
  • 1x mystery 2oz hair oil
  • 1x mystery stainless steel comb
  • 1x mystery silky durag or velvet only if you leave a request for a velvet in the notes section 



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