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Silky Lined Velvet Durag's

Silky Lined Velvet Durag's

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These are one of a kind SATIN silky lined velvet durags meaning the velvet material is only on the outside of the durag so your hair may stay nice silky and laid while still looking nice & fashionable.

Unisex Quality Silky Satin Durag's for waves, dreads, curly's & loc's even people with super straight hair benefit from satin durags your hair will not be frizzy when you wake up in the morning! 

Our lightweight durag offers superior ventilation
for your head while protecting your hair, Its long tails and firm straps provide A secure hold comfortable compression , and optimal
hair protection for all hair types & styles 1A-4C.

Size: One Size Fits MOST

Material: Premium Silky Satin 

•Washable in cold water and should be air dried. 

    • Premium Quality – 
    • Perfect Compression – 
    • Outside Seam & Quadruple Stitching – 
    • Long & Wide Tails – 
    • Unisex – 
    • Fashionable 
    • Washable in cold water and should be air dried. 


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