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100% EMU OIL ( exotic oil )

100% EMU OIL ( exotic oil )

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Ingredients: 100% EMU OIL 

Net Weight: 2.3

What is EMU OIL?  Emu oil is
derived from the fat of the
Emu (Kalaya) bird, which
is native to Australia. The
Emu (Kalaya) bird is a
relative to the Ostrich and
is the second-largest
living bird by height.

Emu Oil is rich in Essential fatty acids
such as omega-3, omega 6, and
omega-9 fatty acids. ...
Vitamin A: An antioxidant and
essential nutrient, vitamin A is an
excellent skin tonic, often found in
topical anti-aging creams.
It is specially rich in oleic acid, which penetrates
deep into the skin, and suspected of
promoting healthy hair follicles.

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