How to get ELITE 360 Waves For Beginners Step by Step

How to get ELITE 360 Waves For Beginners Step by Step


First you need to prepare for your wave journey.  Your going to need a Durag, A Medium,Soft, & Hard Brush, A comb preferably a antistatic comb, an All Natural Moisturizer, All Natural Shampoo, & some oils that suit your hair & MOST IMPORTANTLY a Hand Held Mirror. 


Beginning Your Journey:

Depending on your hair texture cut your hair down to a 2 guard with the grain for ( coarse - medium hair ) & If you have curly, wavy or a looser curl texture cut to a 4 guard with the grain. You dont want your hair to be completely gone because then you will just be waiting around for your hair to be long enough to be able to use a brush.

You are ready to brush now but not so fast first you need to pick the wave pattern that you want to begin brushing which consists of 180, 360, 540 or 720 waves pick one Now that you picked you know what pattern you will be brushing everyday in my opinion you should at least be brushing one hour a day MINIMUM everyday to achieve a  ELITE WAVE PATTERN, your probably thinking “ hold on a whole hour of brushing?! “ calm…this  doesn’t mean a full 1 hour session of consecutive brushing, Instead what you do is have small 15-20 min brush sessions all throughout the day until you at least reach an hour. This means having to brush with one mirror in front of you and a hand held mirror so you can see all your angles. Do not just brush everywhere randomly on your head this will cause “ forks “ which is a crash in your wave pattern.


180, 360 Waves Pic | 540Waves Pic | 720Waves Pics + Diagrams


Diving In on your first ever wash & style:

So now you have your hair prepared ready to begin your wave journey. A good wave pattern is built off a good daily routine. First begin with your first ever wash & style, this simply means washing your hair with your desired shampoo, & “ styling “ it by brushing  with a BOAR BRISTLE brush in the direction of the desired pattern you want to achieve 180, 360,540 or 720 waves.  Wash your hair a total of 2 times. The first wash is always with lukewarm water to help any product build up or get any dirt & grime off of your scalp.  The second wash is where you style your hair & lock in any moisture & benefits from your all natural shampoo, this is the most important wash so take your time & be really precise on brush placement & brushing your angles. Lets say you got the hair laid down in the direction you want your waves to begin flowing in now, You must rinse the shampoo out your hair so put on on a silky durag & rinse thoroughly with COLD WATER now please do not leave it in to dry… thats how you get dandruff & product build up. Why cold water? a quick google search will quickly tell you all the great benefits of this. ( or make a diagram showing why cold water rinsing is beneficial ) The reason you start off with washing your hair first is because when hair is wet its a lot easier to manipulate in the direction you would like for it to go in.


Beginning your first ever brush session what to do & what not to do: You never want to brush your waves dry this will cause breakage & even harm your scalp. So now you know you shouldn’t brush your waves dry begin first by adding your desired  moisturizer to your hair. ill be applying my Wavey Department moisturizer this is how I like to apply it. I first spray COLD WATER brush it in  a few times. Then I get my moisturizer apply a dime size amount brush that in for about 10 mins. Then I like to take one step further & fully seal that moisture in by adding my “ tropical island butter “ also found in our shop. So now your hair is basically nice & moisturized so continue brushing for another 5 mins, then I like to switch to a stainless steel comb use it for 5 mins distribute the butter & moisturizer deep into my scalp. Then ill finish up my brush session by using my medium brush for a good 10 mins then ill swap over to my soft brush for 5 mins to get that nice lay and extra shine that naturally occurs when you brush with a soft brush, then you will finally rag up with your silky durag for a minimum of 1-2 hours. Repeat this process for a few months and you will make progress.

please do not moisturize daily that will lead to product build up, learn about your hair truly pay attention when it feels like it needs more moisture & then re moisturize. The way I explained I apply my moisturizer that usually gives me a total of 2 days that I don't apply any products but take that info with a grain of salt because EVERYONES hair is different & your hair may actually hold in moisture longer or less time so again just really pay attention to YOUR HAIR.




















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